Unbreakable Heart Na Parvah No Worry
  Wrecking Ball of Hate Longing To Be Yours
  Feeling Fantastic Propaganda Another Agenda
  Happy Halloween To Everybody Garden Of Love
  Just Wanna Be Dictator No More Bluff We Had Enough
  Rewarding The Criminals Punishing The Innocent Liars Liars Lying Again
  Get Out Of My Way Farmers Defenders
  I Love You Classical Agony Must End
  All Together We Will Win Guys Heroes In Motion
  Let's Rock Live With Hat Like That
  Over The Moon We Should Never Forget
  Sexy Senior Citizen "Live" 2019 Beauty Of Postive Thoughts
  Postive Thoughts Power Of Confidence
  We Don't Need Drugs Beautiful Child
  Love And Paradise Lets Rock
  Just Say Merry Christmas Smell Rose *Live*
  Power Of Confidence Whatever Happens
Let It Happen *Live*
  Who I Am It's Our Canadian Way
  Scream N Shout Cutie To Killer
  Golden Jail "LIVE" Under Arrest
  Just Wanna Chill Whatever Happens
  Free Like a JUNGLEE 2017 Live & Let Live 2017
  Free Like a JUNGLEE Super Sweet City
  Aug 12th 2017 Live Show Proud Beggar
  In The Flames Of Love Blood Circulation
  Everybody Rocks How To Win Your Heart
  Gung Ho - LIVE Flames Of Love - LIVE
  Only For You Golden Jail
  Route 99 A New Attitude
  What What What Walk Away While You Can
  Live And Let Live Happy Happy Halloween
  Live @Fox Caberet Flames Of Love 2017 Live
  Power Within You A Storm Of Fun
  Smell Rose Sometimes I Wish
  Dead Bodies Walking Best way to deal with negative people
  Highlights of Amrit Bains's live show at Surrey Arts Centre Absolute Unbreakable Llive
  Amrit Bains on TV Global BC 1 Amrit Bains on TV CBC News
  Firey Junglee On The Loose Amrit Bains in Global News
  Mixing Music With Fun Music & My Life
  Larry & Corrie - 104.3 FM Amrit Bains spreads medicine of love
  Sweet Touch Of Love Fooled By The Looks
  Shaheedan Shaheedan
  Real News Destroyed By Shitty Tabloid Oh Yeah I Love Canada
  Together We Rock Dream Transit Operator
  Gung Ho Amrit Bains On Omni News Punjabi Edition-August 19, 2010
  Absolute UNBREAKABLE The Bloody Truth
  Goddamn Thieves Amrit Bains at a house party, Surrey, BC, Canada, 2011
  In The Memory Of The Brave Ones Amrit Bains Live on
wedding party in
Richmond, BC,Canada
  Sexy Senior Citizen Live At Fraserview Hall Vancouver Canada
  Love Is A Medicine AMRIT at ATSS High School
  Proud Party Animal
Khud nu Pyar
  Dancing Doctor
  Night Of Fun
  Amrit Bains Live at Bear Creek Park Surrey B.C. Canada POWER WITHIN YOU
  Pagal Karta JAWANI
  Mainu Hor Kamm DO GHUT PEE KE
  Velna (live)
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