Amrit Bains is a very passionate singer songwriter and performer who puts all his heart and soul in to it. His songs are very meaningful in lyrics and very catchy in tunes. His passion always keeps him busy creating original new songs with original new melodies. Amrit Bains believes that art should represent artist's true feelings and true creativity. That's why he works as the architect of each song and each music video from the start to completion. Amrit feels that passion is like a river that keeps flowing and he just floats in it. He has about one hundred music videos on his YouTube channel. Ideas keep coming and Amrit keeps going. He says his fans are his wings and he feels like he is flying.

Amrit also absolutely loves to perform live on stages with high energy. He has performed on multiple occasions on multiple stages where he received lots of love and encouragement from the hyped up audience. Performing with all the energy in different costumes is something Amrit Bains naturally grew up with. Born and raised in Punjab in the village Kot Fatuhi he started performing on big stages in village festivals and in school functions at very early age. Amrit also trained for boxing and weightlifting helping him stay youthful.

Amrit Bains Came to Canada in 1980 and fell in love with Canada subsequently releasing two music videos for the love of Canada. While continuing to love music and performing on many places he also won many gold and silver medals in weightlifting competitions receiving letters of congratulations from premier of British Columbia. Amrit's wife is an amazing inspiration for him who faced the challenge of breast cancer in 2004 and survived the challenge inspiring Amrit to start recording songs in the studio. Amrit looks forward to create many more songs and continue sharing them with people all over the world.

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