Amrit Bains has been very passionate about singing and writing songs from his early childhood. In school he sang on stages whenever there was a function in school. Amrit also sang songs on other social gatherings and people were ecstatic to hear him sing.

In 1980 Amrit went to Canada and settled there. However Amrit never forgot his roots and never forgot the love for music. In Canada he sang for large staff parties and family parties. Some of his songs and gazals got printed in the Indo Canadian Newspaper.

Amrit got involved in other hobbies like participating in sports by joining Boxing club &Weightlifting and won many medals in weightlifting in Canada, Participated in BC winter games four times and received admiration letters from the premier of BC, but he always kept his love for music.

Then Amrit happen to meet with Surinder Ludu- a very good violin and mandolin player who encouraged Amrit to share his God given gift with our entire community by making the music album. Amrit prepared many songs after getting encouragement from this gentleman.

In 2007 Amrit came to Punjab, India and released his first music album by Goyal Music Company. Then in 2009 Amrit released his second album by DH One Record Company.

Then in April,2010 Amrit released his first english song 'Power Within You' dedicated to Terry Fox on the thirtieth anniversary of MARATHON OF HOPE. Song is released on I Tunes, and all other electronic outlets worldwide.Then Amrit Bains's fun filled song 'Sexy Senior Citizen' really pleased his fans and proved him to be a singer and song writer with great versatility.

Amrit came to India in Feb,2011 again and released his third Punjabi album 'Khulliyan Udareyan'. Amrit choose this name for his album because it suits his free style lyrics and singing. Amrit has noticed that most of the record companies of our culture are not acting as promoters but instead are acting as thieves. Addressing that issue he has sung the song 'Goddamn Thieves' which received great admiration from his fans and many internet sites. It also irked the people involved in corruption and so it should. After that, Amrit Bains's song 'Love Is A Medicine' really seems to be spreading love among the people who value love. Amrit will continue to bring to his fans many more beautiful songs and albums.

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