I whole heartedly thank all front line heroes who have been tirelessly working to fight against this invisible enemy Coronavirus Covid 19. We will let no one use this challenging time as a tool to divide us. This fight, all together we will win guys.

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I am truly thankful to all my fans for giving my songs so much love and giving me encouragement to keep up my love for singing and songwriting. I always said I will write and sing with full freedom and bow to no pressure. I like to sing for fun and I like to sing about issues those have been left untouched. My fans love my free style. That’s all what matters to me. I really love my fans and I respect my fans. My fans are my wings and I feel like I am flying.

When I write, freedom of expression is my first and foremost principle and will always be. I am very thankful to those TV and radio program hosts who have been kind enough to play my songs on their programs. I am also very thankful to all those internet sites that have enthusiastically put my songs on their sites and wrote encouraging words. I do wish them the very best.


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